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To date, the latest version of a set of products from Developer Express, which provides components and tools for programmers, leading its development. NET platform using MS Visual Studio. These include components for Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET and Windows Forms. In addition, it is composed of eXpressPersistentObjects (XPO) and eXpressApp Framework (XAF). Working memory, without changing any assembly DevExpress'a. Ie to run on the client machine is not required nor any additional action. DevExpress Universal 12.2.6 | 285.66 MB DevExpress, a leading global software development company, announced the third release in the DXv2 generation of software development tools, DevExpress 12.2. The new tools included in the comprehensive Universal 12.2 Suite helps developers imagine and build innovative solutions that target Windows 8, the iPad, iPhone and Android devices as well as the interactive Web. This release empowers end-users with an intuitive, Microsoft Word inspired reporting solution, enabling them to easily create and edit their own reports. DXperience v12.1.5 | 256 Mb The DXperience Subscription is the most cost effective way to purchase DevExpress Controls, IDE tools, and Application Frameworks. To provide you with utmost flexibility, we offer 6 options - from DXperience Universal which includes everything we deliver for Visual Studio .NET to platform specific versions of our control libraries. The table below summarizes the benefits you can expect when purchasing a DXperience Subscription instead of individual products. It also lists products and services included with each edition of DXperience.

Компания DevExpress объявила о выходе новой версии своего продукта DXperience NET компонентов от DevExpress 12 июля 2011 в 11:07 на соседнем форуме через неделю можно уже новую версию скачать.

Скачать демо-версию для 16 камер. Помогите найти devexpress vcl build 2011 full source. Переискал все что только можно и не нашел. А на рутрекере Всего записей: 2 | Зарегистр. 26-08-2011 | Отправлено: 12 :31 26 -08-2011.

NET компонентов от DevExpress 12 июля 2011 в 11:07 У DevExpress очень удобный грид — там и фильтры, и сортировки, и разные.

Для сред программирования » Скачать торрент DevExpress 13.1.4 for D7 В закромах Родины остались исходники DevExpress_12.2.6_D7-XE4.7z and.

Manage data at a higher abstraction level - by writing code or designing a visual model without dealing with the database layer. Choose your desired DBMS from more than a dozen supported systems. eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) is a powerful bridge between the true object world and relational databases. It offers Code First, Model First and Database First development workflows - you can choose to define a data model in code, draft it in a designer or reuse an existing database without having to deal with the tedious complexities of database tables mapping. XPO abstracts the database layer, keeping you completely in the object-oriented realm. XPO is flexible enough to help you solve a wide range of tasks, starting from simple WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight applications, all the way up to data services and complex n-tier solutions that are compatible with multiple database systems. Bind-able Collections and Server Mode With XPO, you can retrieve collections of persistent objects and bind them to WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF or Silverlight controls with ease. For instance, when a collection is bound to a grid control like XtraGrid, objects can be represented as editable records in the grid and object properties represented by grid columns. Server Mode binding has been designed to work with large datasets and when used, data-aware operations are performed on the data server side and bound controls load data in small portions, on demand.

Программирования » Скачать торрент DevExpress Universal for. Ребят поставил winforms компоненты на VS12, пропатчил, все хорошо.

eXpressPersistent Objects™ (XPO) - Database Development | DevExpress